Accident Attorney Richmond VA - Attorney Ed Meade

Accident Attorney Richmond VA – Attorney Ed Meade

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If you or a family member have been involved in a catastrophic truck or a bus accident and you have decided that you need to speak with an accident attorney Richmond VA. There are a few things you ought to know, first you need to act quickly trucking companies and their insurers have Rapid Response Teams ready to go on a moment’s notice to any major crash site anywhere in the United States.

As your loved one is being transported to the trauma center that team has likely already been contacted and is making arrangements to get to the accident scene. You need your own team to arrive at the accident scene if for no other reason to keep an eye on their team the team is there to collect evidence.

They’re there to preserve the evidence that they like and frankly to try to figure out what to do with the evidence that they don’t like you may hear from a claims adjuster a representative of the insurance company who seems very nice sympathetic and even worried about the condition of your loved one be careful that you are not being lulled into inaction because by the time. You figure out that this individual is not your friend a lot of important evidence can be lost or destroyed.

Accident Attorney Richmond VA – Attorney Ed Meade

Second, when you hire an accident attorney Richmond VA for a case like this you need to make sure that they really know and understand truck accident litigation truck wreck cases are not just big auto accident cases there are important differences that have nothing to do with just the size of the vehicles.

An accident attorney Richmond VA who is good at traditional garden variety auto accident litigation may not have any understanding of what is involved in a truck accident case the law is different first of all there are federal regulations that govern the trucking industry.

These are not voluntary regulations, these are not suggestions, these are regulations that in many cases have the effect of law if your attorney is not very familiar with this little book called Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations.

If he doesn’t own a current edition of this book They would be concerned this book is on their desk and never leaves their desk and they don’t see how you practice truck accident litigation competently without constantly referring to this book in addition to the law being completely different the insurance is different.

There are frequently multiple layers of possible insurance. There may be insurance on the trailer and then separate insurance on the tractor. If the cargo in the truck was loaded and properly and that had anything to do with the accident. They could have a negligent loading situation and there may be multiple additional defendants from the sender of the cargo to the actual individual who loaded it with the forklift at the airport or the port.

So, you’ve got to get an accident attorney Richmond VA who understands the differences between law and insurance. We’ve talked about those the technology is also different.

The Meade Law Firm Discusses Truck Accident

These tractor trailers frequently have little block black boxes on them that are that are secured to do the actual tractor the information contained in.

These black boxes can be critical it can save a case and if that information is not secured if letters are not sent out to the insurance companies and the trucking companies requesting that that information be saved. It can be destroyed, it can be erased and the the the case can be forever compromised.

The industry itself is different the adjusters that you’re going to be dealing with in a tractor trailer case are different they’re normally much more sophisticated and they understand the importance of acting quickly.

But, they’re not going to share that with you the tactics and techniques and discovery are completely different the trial there ever was one in a case would be completely different and heavily influenced by the regulations that they discussed earlier.

So, you need somebody who understands the differences and who has a track record of successfully handling cases against trucking companies and those insurance companies who ensure them this is not the time for on-the-job training and there’s just no substitute for experience.

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