Accident Attorney Dallas Tx – Tips Accidents Medical Malpractice

Accident Attorney Dallas Tx – Tips Accidents Medical Malpractice

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Now another legal tip from the Kipnis law firm. She’s Robby party to Kipnis She’s a personal injury and medical
malpractice attorney in Dallas Texas. Her firm handles cases throughout the state of Texas She would like to discuss with you some tips accident attorney Dallas Tx that will help you get the most value from your personal injury claim.

These tips apply to almost any type of injury claim such as accidents involving children cars trucks bicycles and motorcycles.

Accident Attorney Dallas Tx – Tips Accidents Medical Malpractice

These tips accident attorney Dallas Tx also apply to medical malpractice cases and work injuries such as construction and oil and gas rig accidents. If you’re involved in an accident or receive bad medical treatment you should do the following.

  • 1. Contact an Attorney

You should not believe in insurance companies advice that you can get more by handling the case on your own their
goal is to protect their policy holder and make money by denying a claim or paying you a minimal amount of money.

  • 2. Always Take Photos

You should take photos of visible injuries the accident scene the vehicles and anything else involved in the accident.

  • 3. Call 911

Report the accident to the police and request an ambulance. She recommend you be polite to the investigating officers and always tell the truth you do not need to discuss the accident with anybody besides the police officer.

  • 4.  Get All The Information

You should get the names addresses and telephone numbers of all the witnesses.

  • 5. Report The Accident

If you’ve been injured at work report the accident to your employer. If you fail to report the accident your employer may deny that the accident ever happened you also need to report the accident to Osha at 1-810-032-1672. Remember when you fill out a work injury forum be honest and explain exactly what happened.

  • 6. See A Doctor

Be sure to follow all your doctor’s advice and go to all of your appointments if you don’t the insurance company can reduce the value of your claim.

  • 7. Keep A Journal

Write down what happened to your body and talk about your level of discomfort and pain.

  • 8. Disclose Pre-Existing Issues

You need to disclose any pre-existing medical conditions to your doctor into your attorney by hiding this information. You will hurt your case because the insurance will find out and then they will accuse you of lying about your injuries.

  • 9. Keep Track of Lost Time From Work
  • 10.  Don’t Give a Statement

Don’t give a statement to the insurance company before talking to an attorney they can use anything you say against you in court.

  • 11. Don’t Sign Any Papers

Dont’s sign any papers from an insurance company that may settle your claim or give them access to your medical records.

If you follow these tips accident attorney Dallas Tx you’ll have a much better chance of getting full compensation for your injuries the Kipnis law firm is principally located at 60 60 north Central Express way Suite 560 in Dallas Texas 75 206. Call her at (214) 800-3454 or send a confidential e-mail at [email protected] For more information visit this