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Accident Attorney Colorado Springs – Maceau Law

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If you have a case you immediately need to speak to an accident attorney Colorado Springs I mean that’s the best way to get an answer I mean contrary to popular belief we really aren’t following ambulances around out on the street and every time a siren goes off we’re not jumping in our car or our helicopter and flying in to see what happened the best way to find out.

Whether you have a case is to contact a lawyer the other reason you call a lawyer in an auto accident situation is not only to interface with you have what is classically called a personal injury claim for pain and suffering.

But, to determine your insurance company is properly paying your medical bills is properly paying attention to your claim as you’re insured completely and separate from the at-fault drivers insurance company probably 25% of cases end up with some kind of a bad faith component involved.

Accident Attorney Colorado Springs – Maceau Law

Whether it be for delay of payment of medical bills that affects my client’s credit or whether it be by medical bills being ignored and being sent to collection companies again negatively impacting.

Many clients who’s already going through a physical trauma that they’re entitled to compensation for again the reason you have lawyers is to let their expertise guide you in what needs to be done I mean it’s as simple as keeping a two cent sentence a day journal about how this accident has impacted your life.

Maceau Law hand their clients journals and they say please fill this out on a daily basis because if you have to litigate this 23 years from now you’re not going to remember how you felt on April, 15 2003.

You’re going to have to have a reference if you keep a daily log you have that reference that oftentimes is the difference between a jury believing that this accident impacted you negatively two and a half years ago even though you look fine to them today.

What An Accident Attorney Colorado Springs Can Do

When you’re in litigation the moment you’re involved in an automobile collision whether it’s your fault of the other party’s fault you’re both adverse to the insurance company. If you’re the non fault party you’re not only adverse to your company. Because, now they have to pay medical bills up to a certain dollar amount.

But, you are certainly adverse to the at-fault drivers insurance company because you are going to be making a claim against them that’s why you need an accident attorney Colorado Springs. You are adverse to the biggest industry on both sides of the coin and what you get from me is you get that absolute buffer the moment I enter my appearance on your behalf by virtue and it’s not litigation it’s by virtue of a letter of representation to both sides they by law can not contact you.

They now have to go through me I become the buffer I become the one that ameliorates the claim as it goes through the process. So that, you are not being bombarded with offers of settlement with negative adjusters calling you and accusing you of lingering and trying to milk the system.

What An Accident Attorney Colorado Springs At Maceau Law Can Do For You

It all has to come through me and it takes all of the stress that possibly that I possibly can off of you and allows you to focus on getting better and going to the medical professionals that are going to get you better in the quickest and most effective fashion the other thing that.

Maceau Law brings is that I’ve been doing personal injury since 1980 both in a fault system and in a no-fault system no fault has gone away. So, it immediately became the same practice that Maceau Law had in Ohio from nineteen eighty to eighty six when they took the no-fault provisions out of our law.

Maceau Law has a huge network of doctors that will work for you if you’re on foot one of those many unfortunate people out there that don’t have medical insurance the doctors I do business with in town are going to take perfect care of my clients.

Because, they’re Maceau Law’s clients and because Maceau Law has been working with them for 30 years that’s what Maceau Law brings to the table and the accident attorney Colorado Springs setting you. Maceau Law 3225 Templeton Gap Rd #205 Colorado Springs CO 80907 (719) 633-2222. For more information you can visit this: